Whitelabel productions

Grow tank / Mycelium

Controlled environment for growing mushrooms.
Temperature and humidity sensor DHT22, Raspberry Pi Zero, Iduino relays and carbon heathing mat in plastic box.

Real time temperature and humidity plot:


Why do we conduct this experiment?

   We want to grow culture of Pestalotiopsis microspora / Fungi Mutarium - polyuretan-eating mushrooms in micro environment,
   autonome system self-controlled by artificial inteligence and independent on external interaction.
   As the fungi that processes polyurethane don't need any oxygen, we want to isolate it in container,
   which will be submerged in the deep sea, or sent to some planet like Mars.
   Natural rate of plastic waste decomposition will be reduced from 400 years to a mere few months,
   and these fungi could soon be taking over the world, and coloniying the Space.
   Feedback providing information about evolving will be streamed data and audio, isolated for security resons.

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